OPKIX Eyewear: The Perspective of Fun

OPKIX Eyewear: The Perspective of Fun

OPKIX Eyewear: The Perspective of Fun 1024 1024 OPKIX Blog

While we all love documenting fun moments in our lives, especially when surrounded by our favorite people, sometimes it can seem like more than a hassle than it’s worth. Carrying around an expensive and fragile camera while walking through a crowd, or even just disrupting the simple enjoyment of a moment by pulling your phone out, is not always ideal. 

Sometimes, we just don’t want to have to worry about it.

Take the fair – it’s crowded, it’s a bit chaotic, and it’s certainly accompanied by a fair share of walking (no pun intended). It’s also the perfect place to take OPKIX Eyewear for a spin. We gave it a test run for you.

OPKIXOne & its Eyewear uniquely offers the best of two worlds. The tiny and durable camera securely snaps right on to an item most of us don’t leave the house without. With a full charge, the camera allows for 70 minutes of capture time while out having fun – allowing for a “set it and forget it” attitude, and a lot of freedom to go about our lives. 

Eat the ice cream, play the game, ride the ferris wheel – all without the stress of dropping, damaging or losing fragile camera gear, or taking away from having the best possible time.



OPKIX Eyewear is made with quality and style at the forefront. They’re designed to be something users want to wear – regardless of whether or not the camera rolling.  The Eyewear is Italian-made and has options for everyone, with multiple color ways for both men’s and women’s styles.

You can check them all out here: OPKIX Eyewear


The subtlety of using OPKIXone Eyewear guarantees it to never impose on anyone’s fun – or ever get in the way of the moment at hand – whether reconnecting with friends after years apart, making that basket, or winning that fair prize. And the best part? It all still gets captured through the wearer’s own, unique perspective. 

OPKIXone will never ask for capturing that moment to take priority over living it.

Head over to the OPKIX accessories shop to customize your bundle with a pair of shades that are right for you, and start living through the perspective of fun.