Bundle up with OPKIX

Bundle up with OPKIX

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We are all familiar with the desire to capture and share all of the moments that make our lives unique. We are more fortunate now than ever, to have so many outlets to do so. However, I think most of us would agree that capturing the moment should still always come secondary to enjoying it.

OPKIX One’s mounting options take this little camera’s abilities one step further by not only offering hands-free capture, but also presenting clean and sleek wearable options, with both accessibility and simplicity at the forefront.

Bundle Options

If you’re not sure where to get started, OPKIX has you covered. There are two affordable options available that allow you to customize your bundle, with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Included in each bundle, is your choice of one OPKIX One eyewear piece, an OPKIX Stick, Ring, Necklace, 4 stick-and-go mounts, and either one or two cameras with charging egg. Each piece has at least two different color options.

The unique ability to curate a bundle gives users just another reason to get excited about using OPKIX One.

Fashion forward Italian-made eyewear, multiple color/style options

OPKIX One’s Eyewear options are not just any old sunglasses.

They’re California Designed, Italian Made, and crafted with durability and care to ensure each piece is one that people truly want to wear, whether or not the camera is rolling.

Both men and women’s glasses come in Black, Tort, and Crystal. Crystal is a blue light option – because how many of us don’t spend at least a few hours a day staring at their computer or phone screen?

The ability to combine a video camera with eyewear offers users the ability to capture moments directly through their own unique view, because what better way to capture your story than from your own perspective?


Available in both black and gold, OPKIX’s version of a selfie stick is sleek and subtle, with an aluminum cased body, silicone security wrap, and telescoping handle for further reach. It also acts as a stylus, and fits easily into a side pocket or purse. Perhaps the biggest highlight is its minimalistic design, which won’t have anyone looking like an obvious tourist when using it to capture solo ventures.


The durable and comfortable OPKIX ring is made of a soft silicone, and comes in both sleek black and an ocean-blue tie-dye. It has an audio port to ensure no sound is left un-captured, and with it’s lock-in feature, won’t hinder the wearer from going about their adventures fully hands-on.

OPKIX Necklace

The OPKIX necklace piece is all about simplicity. Made with lightweight aluminum and lock-in housing, it gives wearers the opportunity to keep their camera secure and care-free around their neck. There is both an adjustable cord and chain option, and the necklace comes in three colors (black, white and gold).

OPKIX Hat Mounts

Although not a part of the bundle, OPKIX hats are also available – attached by a sturdy magnet, they provide a point-of-view alternative to OPKIX eyewear, and give the camera a stable platform to capture life’s moments. Hats are also available in three different color ways.

Hands-free Capture

Having one less free hand available can inhibit anyone’s ability to be fully in the moment – whether it’s reaching to climb a little higher, riding a bike, or just preventing the luxury of allowing the mind to be free of worry about damaging a phone or camera equipment.

Whether you opt for sunglasses, a jewelry piece, or maybe just one of OPKIX’s simple stick-and-go mounts, no one will ever have to worry about anything other than the adventure in front of them.

If there is one thing to take away from the OPKIX One bundles, it’s that users will never have to compromise style or convenience for capturing important moments. The OPKIX One system gives users the freedom to live moments through their own eyes, and not through the back of a viewfinder.

Head on over to the store and start customizing a bundle your way.

Live in the moment with OPKIX