We’re working hard to capture and share the world’s perspective of fun, while living for today and recording for tomorrow. Our design language has been carefully curated to convey this message.

This guide will help us communicate the OPKIX story more effectively. Maintaining a high standard for our brand will help our users (and ourselves) feel good about the products we make and be engaged during their life experiences.


When you use our logo, don’t place it too close to other items. Give it plenty of breathing room. Stick to one of these brand color combinations and don’t alter its shape.

Always include the circle logo in context with the OPKIX name and never use the circle logo without the OPKIX name.


OPKIX is the friend you can take anywhere you go and always have fun no matter what the situation is. When someone engages with us, they should feel like they always have a sense of freedom and an undeniable perspective of fun.

When talking for OPKIX, use short concise sentences spoken in plain terms and make your point quickly. Make sure you highlight benefits over features and always be unique and motivating while maintaining ownability.

Keep users engaged by providing creative use-case examples while encouraging them on their adventures. Our customers are people just like you and me.

Always be appropriate and flex your tone depending on your audience, how they feel and subject matter. Write and speak as you would with a friend (with proper grammar) and always prioritize sounding human first.

Think of the OPKIX persona as the host of the best party you’ve ever been to, he/she always attracts the best crowds while gaining popularity just by walking into a room.

Every interaction with a customer is important as it all feeds into the whole. OPKIX users should feel good about their experience every step of the way.

It starts and ends with the design choices we make, so think about the first time they engage with us along with the ongoing use of our product. It’s a continuous conversation.


Black - #000000

Used for headlines, small blocks of copy, and backgrounds.

White - #ffffff

Used for headlines, small blocks of copy, and backgrounds.

OPKIX Red - #ff3000

Used for highlighting items and adding a small splash of color.

Medium Grey - #777777

Reserved for paragraph text. Typically works best paired with a headline.

Light Grey - #ececec

Used sparingly as a background.


Headlines with body content should always be formatted justified left. Campaign taglines are open to (left or center) justification, depending on the application requirements.

If you can’t use our primary font, replace Open Sans with Arial.


Consider the context it’ll be seen in. For example, a white background profile picture would not pair well with a website that has a white background. Always make sure that the color (or black/white) pops off the screen.

Test your selection on multiple devices and consider the various contexts it’ll be seen in.


The OPKIX One camera outline should be stroke outlined only in black or white only or filled solid in one of our brand colors. Stroke should be fairly thin to give the essence of the camera to add only a detail, and not overpower the background image or overall design. Placement of the OPKIX One camera (outlined or filled) should highlight and bring focus to the activity or fun moment. If you have text going through the outline, you may cut the line to allow the text to flow through.

The OPKIX wavy separator line should be used to separate the headline from logo or paragraph text. Only use when necessary to separate content. Line should only be black or white in color depending on the background.

The OPKIX Studio App icon may be used to support the logo, but never act as the only logo. Only use when appropriate to highlight app features or callouts.


Remind our users about the good times they can have by showing scenes of fun in everyday situations. Focus on the emotion more than the experience.

Choose a diverse set of images. Representing a variety of people helps everyone feel included. Avoid staged photos as much as possible and try to choose mid-action shots.

Fun, life, energy, vibrancy, freedom

Subject / foreground:
Sharp focus, vibrant color,

Perspective angles, neutral color


OPKIX utilizes three unique taglines that all convey our core message.

First Person POV

This is our primary campaign tagline. This is one of three campaigns. It can be used in a broad sense to speak to all audiences. It resonates at an intrinsic level and pairs best with images that depict the sense of fun from a first person point of view.

Active Social Gatherings

Secondary campaign tagline, this pairs best with scenes showing social settings in moments of fun with subjects wearing our cameras.

Spontaneous Moments

The tertiary campaign tagline can be used when showing product shots on models in use case environments while capturing spontaneous moments.


OPKIX utilizes three unique taglines that all convey our core message.


OPKIX utilizes these unique campaigns that convey our core product benefits.

It’s all about perspective

This campaign tagline highlights the many perspectives that our products can capture. Portray the products in a variety of perspectives.

Adapt in a snap

This campaign tagline highlights the versatility of our products on how they adapt and integrate into our users lifestyles.

Go pro socially

This campaign tagline highlights the fact that users can accessorize and wear our products in social environments as well as their preferred activities.


Here are all the approved product photos that you’ll be able to use for all your OPKIX branded designs.