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OPKIX’s Passion to Innovate

For many of us at OPKIX, January 2016 was the start of our journey to innovation. Although it seems a little less than 2 years ago, where we sit today, January 2016 seems a LONG, LONG TIME AGO.

This journey has been to push the limits of design, technology, and engineering. Our Founders had an idea of wanting to create something that hadn’t been done before. Since they were trailblazing into unchartered territory, they understood the need to support their idea with the PASSION to relentlessly push through hurdles.

Our OPKIX Founders also recognized the need to have the RIGHT partners. As a start-up, having the right partners is key to transforming an idea into a product that would be considered a “first-of-its-kind” product.

That’s why our partnership with Fortune 500 company (ranked #113) Arrow Electronics has been valuable to the concept, development and launch of our OPKIXone cameras and egg. As they met and interviewed several potential partners, the Founders believed that it was crucial that we find the right partner who had the necessary resources and know-how that could take our product vision and help bring it to reality, which is why they chose to work with Arrow Electronics.

In a recent interview by CES, Matt Anderson, Arrow Electronics’ Chief Digital Officer & President, highlights some of the key criteria to a successful start-up and mentioned OPKIX specifically as an example who possesses the right formula that Arrow looks for in a start-up.

Not only did our OPKIXone product concept have the right mixture of forward-looking design and functionality, but Matt actually compared OPKIXone cameras to Apple’s Air Pods and highlights us as a lifestyle brand. Matt also goes onto to mention about how he and his team have worked closely with our CEO C. Lawrence Greaves, and believes that Lawrence’s passion is a key attribute to driving our product forward to commercialization.

It was also interesting to hear Matt’s thoughts on how the big tech companies such as Google, Amazon and Apple are pursuing M&A strategies that allow them to buy up and coming start-ups that provide a viable, complimentary offering to their ecosystem. Smart doorbell company Ring (similar to OPKIX, was an Arrow Electronics backed start-up) was mentioned, which was purchased by Amazon for over $1 Billion. We can only guess that companies would also find a smart, lifestyle-driven video camera company like OPKIX to be attractive.

We believe that the future is bright for OPKIX, and look forward to the next phase of our journey.

You can click HERE to hear Matt’s entire CES interview.