5 reasons why Dad needs an OPKIX

5 reasons why Dad needs an OPKIX

5 reasons why Dad needs an OPKIX 1024 1024 OPKIX Blog

1. Capture family moments that come & go WAY too fast

When the family is together, there’s never a dull moment. Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it together. Whether it’s laughing at home on the couch or out traveling the world on a family adventure; suddenly without missing a beat, Dad’s there to capture the moment without fumbling over his phone and/or living it through the screen. Every dad knows these moments pass by so quickly and will really treasure the memories that he gets to record… and experience.

2. Keep Dad looking cool

With a truly wearable camera that is fashion forward and wide range of mounts including sunglasses, hat styles and rings, Dad can be hands free while looking good. The trendy Dad can rock the selfie stick and necklace mounts which come in gold and matte black finishes. He’s always ready to capture the shot, and of course look really cool doing it.

3. Dad’s use their hands for other things

Dads always get stuck carrying everything from the groceries, to the toys, to the kids, to the whole house itself. All the while, organic memories can still be caught on the fly. Mounted to the side of his sunglasses and a simple button to record; the camera lights on and… action!

4. Opkix fits in the pocket and is super easy to store

The Egg is about the size of your average wallet, form fitting to the hand and ergonomic. The entire system is easy to carry around to store back in your pocket for easy accessibility.

5. Dad’s like things to be simple

Opkix is as simple as the push of a button. Featuring two cameras, Dad can even let Mom or the kids use one while he’s able to capture with the other. Two cameras, two perspectives are always better than one.

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